Hand Crafted Italian Wedding Books

All my wedding books are hand crafted in Italy. The choice of formats, papers, covers, coordinated accessories and prices is amazingly wide: the perfect option to produce your own, unique, book and to perfectly satisfy all your needs.

I advise between 60-70 photographs for a 30 page book but the choice is yours. However you can buy an extra 2 pages for £15.

The Young Book

* 12"x8"
* 30 Pages, thick HD paper
* Photo Cover (front and back)
* Presentation Box (choice of colours) with internal photo


* 12"x8"
* 30 Pages, thick HD paper
* Crystal Glance Cover
* Case (Blue, black or burgundy)


* 10"x10"
* 30 pages
Thick lustre paper
* Box with a transparent magnetic lid


* 12"x8"
* 30 Lay flat pages
Thick HD paper
* Hardback


Many couples only purchase a Digital Package with the intention of buying a wedding book at a later date. Unfortunately after the excitement of the wedding day and honeymoon life gets back to normal and a book is often forgotten which is such a shame. Therefore I am now offering a complimentary 8"x8", 20 page, Italian wedding book and case on all new bookings. This is totally free and not hidden away in a price increase. This does not apply to discounted weddings and those less than a full day. Because it is a gift and ideally I would like to get it delivered within 2-3 weeks of the wedding I need to cut out the middle man (you) so I will choose the 20 photographs. The book will be delivered directly to you or an address of your choice. Please note that the courier will need a signature.

* 8"x8"
* 20 Lay flat pages
* 20 Photographs
* Thick lustre paper
* Colour print laminated cover
* Box

Designing and editing your wedding book

Everything is done online and couldn't be simpler. Leave notes on each page that you want amended and I will make the changes. Nothing gets printed until you approve the design. The finished wedding book is printed in Italy and shipped directly to you - anywhere in the world.